This Is really supernatural. Keep drinks cold without a cooler with this revolutionary and modern bottle.

What if…you could fetch icy pina coladas to the beach in a fashionable vessel that would hold them cold for hours, with zero cooling equipment required. Imaginge bringing a bottle of vino to the pool and have it remain chilled. Imagine if you went on a day hike and got water supply that lasted out cold the whole day. These were the goals that Corkcicle product designers set off to fulfill in a product, and they say the results were higher than they expected.

Introducing the Vinnebago

Vinnebago is a triple insulated bottle that will keep you cold drinks cold for a duration of 25+ hours

Vinnebago bottlesReally, Vinnebago can hold a 25oz / 750mL (coincidently adequate for a full bottleful of wine). By utilising an engineering discovery that reinforced on conventional vacuum insulated bottles, and a entirely unique and contemporary design, we are entirely pleased with the result.

The sleek design, with 2 flat sides, I’m sure you’ll see stands above other bottles on the market. Now you are able to carry about all your favourite drinks with swagger, AND keep them chilly at the same time.

Holy-dooly! Vinnebago will keep hot things, like coffee, hot for 12 hours too!

Available colors: white, matte black and stainless steel.

Regular price: $29.95 (Check current price)

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